March 13 2011, category: Misc, by: Adam

The British Humanist Association (BHA) has welcomed today’s release of new Ipsos MORI research, commissioned by the Richard Dawkins Foundation for Reason and Science UK (RDFRS UK). The data analyses the beliefs and practices of people who ticked ‘Christian’ on the 2011 UK Census, and shows that many of them have no religious beliefs and no habits of religious practice.

The research, carried out in the week following the national census, confirms the findings of research conducted in the previous week by YouGov for the BHA. That research found that:

• 65% of ‘census Christians’ said they were not religious
• Only 6% of ‘census Christians’ had attended a church in the last week
• Only 48% of ‘census Christians’ believed Jesus was a real person who was the son of god, died and came back to life.

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Religious Abuse?


The Catholic Church today is mired in scandal, including shady financial dealings, pedophilia, and nuns who have been raped or have had abortions.
Clergymen who commit pedophilia are often merely transferred or reprimanded by their superiors, who often cover up the crimes to spare the Church public humiliation and the need to pay large financial damages to the victims.